Mr. Fleming's Top Links for Parents

Parent Presentations

Social Media Parent Class Jan. 2016

Parenting Resources

Articles for 1st Day of School

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

Count Down to Kindergarten

Help Your Child With Back To School Anxiety

Video Site to Honor a Teacher
My Teacher the Hero

Ways To Be Involved at School

WATCHDog Video- You May Recognize Someone!

BPE WatchDogs Kick-Off Article

8 Ways To Build a Relationship With Your Child's Teacher

Why Kids Need Their Dads- Article to Support WatchDogs On Campus


Behaviors and Strategies to Help


Homework Help

ADHD Strategies

10 Tips To Help Kids Get Organized

5 Ways to Improve Focus

The Creative Gifts of ADHD

CHADD- National Resource on ADHD

Executive Function 101- E-Book from NCLD


Parent Strategies and Support

Love and Logic
I have used this training in school and at home.  Not saying that anything is perfect but has given me ways to deal with students and my own children in a kind and loving manner when problems arise.

Make Mornings Less Stressful
8 tips to help make morning fun and more enjoyable for all.

9 Secrets of Confident Kids
Ways to rethink and guide your child to help view issues as opportunities to learn and grow.

25 Ways To Ask Your Kids About Their Day at School
Sometimes we get into the habit of only saying "How is your day?" and get the typical response, "Fine."  This gives us some food for thought to ask some different questions to hear how our child's day was at school.

Bullying Resources

Pacer Center's Kids Against Bullying

Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Center

Stomp Out Bullying

Texas School Safety Center

No Place For Hate

Inspirational Video for Kids on Bullying- Danny Keefe


Internet Safety

Social Media Parent Class Jan. 2016

Boy Scout Presentation About Internet Safety

Internet List for Twitter/Text Acronyms

Academic Support


Cool Math

Mr. Nussbaum's Website
Multiple practice games and specific math categories.


Helps younger students with phonics and early reading strategies.

BAS Explanation


Wacky Web Tales
You put in a word for the different parts of speech and a silly story generates from the words.

State Assessments

Released STAAR test Spring 2013

Released STAAR test Spring 2014

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