Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bully Awareness Month

I came across this post and wanted to share because of the impact words can have in a person's life.  With October being Bully Prevention Awareness month, it seemed fitting to write an entry about the topic.  I am very glad that our campus community realizes the power of words and teaches how they can have a positive/negative affect on another person.
A resource I came across is from the following website, StompOutBullying.org.  There are suggestions to bring awareness about bullying during October and ways to combat the issue if you are part of a bullying situation.  One other spot to review is my parent's page.  There are multiple links to organizations that can help parents talk with their children about bullying.
Thanks in advance for being "One" who stands up against bullying and is willing to help create the change for a better community.

Your Biggest Fan,

Mr. Fleming

Friday, October 10, 2014

Updated Traffic Pattern for Afternoon Pick Up in Front of School

It is so important to always communicate changes in procedures.  This e-mail was sent today sharing changes that will occur on Tuesday, Oct. 14th.  Please read over it.  If you don't want to read, enjoy my video giving you the "Cliffs Notes" version of the e-mail.  (Also embedded in the e-mail).

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Walker and Traffic Safety at BPE

This is my 1st attempt to a video blog entry.  I talked about safety around campus for car riders and walkers.
Thanks for watching and being kind to my post!!!  (I think I need to take another tech class on having a better screen shot of the video.)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How Schools Rank In Texas

Here is a video from TEA that gives an overview of how our accountability system works in Texas.
Simple and to the point.  That is how I like presentations!
Know that this year's scores for math are on hold due to the new implementation of the TEKS.  We will know passing rates after this year.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Welcome Back To BPE!!!

Welcome Back!!!

I've enjoyed seeing everyone return this year to Blackland Prairie.  When you see so many smiling faces, how can you not enjoy such a wonderful job?  I am truly thankful for our great school, where we are "Inspiring Greatness, One Child at A Time".

With this being our 1st week back I want to take the time to share our newly designed video for the car rider lines in the front and back of school.  Please click here to watch the video.  I now know why I'm a teacher instead of an actor:)

Have a Great Friday!!!

Your Biggest Fan,

Mr. Fleming

Friday, May 16, 2014

Summer Reading Program MyOn

This summer, students will have the opportunity to read all summer long on a tablet, IPAD, Kindle Fire HD or computer.  It will be a great way to keep reading skills sharp so when students return in the fall they are ready to hit the "Reading Ground" running.  Another added bonus, if our campus logs the most time on the program our library can win $1,000.  If I have learned anything about our great community, we like a challenge.

Click here to read from the district website more about the program and see a short video clip.

Happy Reading!!!

My daughter came home last night and already logged in 5 books for another campus in the district.  Hummphh!!!  I like a good challenge.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Video for BPE

Teaching is an amazing profession. We have the opportunity to inspire future generations to reach their highest potential.
Something that our campus created for our teachers this week during "Teacher Appreciation" is a video to celebrate them. The #TeachingIs video shares teacher's thoughts on teaching and responses from our very own students who shared how a teacher has impacted their lives. (Click to watch video below).

The idea came from a Mother's day video that I shared below in the sample letter used to get permission from parents on our campus. If you get the chance today, tomorrow or some time in the near future, remember to thank a teacher because some where in your timeline of learning one made a powerful impact in your life for the better.


I would like to ask your permission to do something amazing with your child this Spring semester.  Sharing thanks is a way to give one of the highest regarded acts of respect for a person’s work in life.  Our campus is going to create a video that highlights our different grade levels and what makes them amazing.
This idea came from the following link, http://www.upworthy.com/these-kids-finally-say-what-they-really-think-about-mom-and-her-reaction-priceless-9, and what it takes to be a mother.  We all know that teaching encompases many things; reading, writing, math, science, social studies and one other unwritten rule; true caring for a child.  I would like to ask your child a few questions about what they like about their teachers and use their responses in a video similar to the one above.
If you agree to the video taping, we will only use your child’s first name and grade level, if applicable, when editing the video.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

What is BAS? Is This a Type of Fish?

I know that acronyms are used in all types of professions and education falls into the same pattern.  There are times when I speak with parents and they look at me as if I created a new language.  With that being said, I want to share a new one that is being used this year to review student's levels of reading success here at BPE.
BAS stands for Benchmark Assessment System.  This assessment takes the place of the DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment).  Teachers give the reading assessment individually to a student.  During the reading session, teachers are looking at student decoding, fluency, vocabulary, and
comprehension skills.  After the assessment is complete a level is assigned so you can know the student's independent reading level and instructional level.
Reading A-Z has a correlation chart of different reading tools to give you a general idea of the levels for a specific grade level.  I caution parents to understand that students who are becoming readers can be 1-2 grade levels above or below the levels on the correlation chart.
This assessment began in the Fall and gave teachers a baseline of where their students are with their reading abilities.  Teachers are now starting the middle of the year assessment with students who were below level at the beginning of the year.  Having this information gives teachers and the school vital reports on how well instruction is going and is there a need to adjust teaching practices.
Continue to read with your child daily so they can practice the skills needed to continue their reading success in life.

Happy Reading,

Mr. Fleming