Thursday, May 8, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Video for BPE

Teaching is an amazing profession. We have the opportunity to inspire future generations to reach their highest potential.
Something that our campus created for our teachers this week during "Teacher Appreciation" is a video to celebrate them. The #TeachingIs video shares teacher's thoughts on teaching and responses from our very own students who shared how a teacher has impacted their lives. (Click to watch video below).

The idea came from a Mother's day video that I shared below in the sample letter used to get permission from parents on our campus. If you get the chance today, tomorrow or some time in the near future, remember to thank a teacher because some where in your timeline of learning one made a powerful impact in your life for the better.


I would like to ask your permission to do something amazing with your child this Spring semester.  Sharing thanks is a way to give one of the highest regarded acts of respect for a person’s work in life.  Our campus is going to create a video that highlights our different grade levels and what makes them amazing.
This idea came from the following link,, and what it takes to be a mother.  We all know that teaching encompases many things; reading, writing, math, science, social studies and one other unwritten rule; true caring for a child.  I would like to ask your child a few questions about what they like about their teachers and use their responses in a video similar to the one above.
If you agree to the video taping, we will only use your child’s first name and grade level, if applicable, when editing the video.

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