Thursday, August 18, 2016

Little Free Library

We all know that reading is fundamental in life.  While in school, we acquire this skill that will last us a life time of learning and enjoyment.
When Ms. Beasley, our campus librarian, retired at the end of last year she wanted to leave a small legacy at her campus that was near and dear to her heart.  She purchased "The Little Free Library" as a way to share her love of reading.   You can find all about this neat program at the following link.
In a nut shell, this allows a person to leave a book and take a book from the library station.  It is a great way to recycle books already read and to find new adventures between the covers of a new book. 
Blackland's Little Library is located at the front of the school next to the side walk going towards Via Sonoma and Fern Springs.
Happy reading on the Prairie.

Your Biggest Fan,

Mr. Fleming

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